iConspicuity for GA & Rotorcraft in U-space and beyond

John FRANKLIN • 8 February 2022
in community General Aviation
Event date 23 Feb '22 12:30 - 15:30
Event location Online

On 23rd February 2022 EASA will organise an online workshop for GA and Rotorcraft communities. The objective is to present the EASA iConspicuity Roadmap and to discuss the recent proposal for AMC/GM to SERA.6005(c). 

The latter will as of January 2023 require all manned aircraft operating in U-space airspace as uncontrolled traffic to be electronically conspicuous to U-space Service Providers (USSPs).

12:30 - 13:30 CET (UTC +1): Streaming of the pre-recorded material which will be made available by 16 February. This session is PRIMARILY intended to those participants who did not manage to study and review the information material published in advance.

13:30 - 15:30 CET (UTC +1): EASA experts will respond to questions from the registered workshop participants. Priority will be given to the questions submitted prior to the workshop. Questions should be based on the pre-published information material and can be submitted in advance via SLIDO tool (which will be activated by 16 February 2022).

Register for the session on Webex here.

Target audience

GA communityRotorcraft community and other airspace users typically operating as uncontrolled traffic (e.g., paragliders and paramotors, microlights and gyrocopters, home-build and historic aircraft, sailplanes and powered sailplanes, single and multi-engine aircraft, light and heavy rotorcraft, turboprop and turbine aircraft, and all other aircraft operating in accordance with Standardised European Rules of the Air - SERA)

This workshop is NOT INTENDED for Drone industry, drone operators, U-space Service Providers and ATM. These and other interested stakeholders are invited to join EASA workshop about NPA 2021-14 focusing on AMC/GM to U-space Regulations scheduled for 15 February 2022.

Prerequisite for attendance

Knowledge of the related background information and pre-recorded EASA presentations which will be available by 16 February 2022 on the EASA website event page.

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