EASA Annual Safety Conference 2018

Magda Nyadu • 26 April 2018
in community General Aviation
Event date 6 Nov '18 00:00 - 7 Nov '18 00:00
Event location Vienna Marriott Hotel • Parkring 12a, Vienna, 1010, Austria

The EASA Annual Safety Conference 2018 will take place in Vienna. The conference will focus on 'A Vision for the Future of GA.'

For full details on the agenda and registration process, please visit: https://www.easa.europa.eu/newsroom-and-events/events/easa-annual-safet…

Contact events@easa.europa.eu for any further questions. 

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Anonymous (not verified)

As this year’s Host, Austria is pleased to welcome you to EASA’s Annual Safety Conference held in Vienna for promoting General Aviation Safety and developing a vision for future of General Aviation.

On this special occasion, the federal ministry for transport, innovation and technology is going to arrange an evening reception that will take place following the session of the first day.

Details regarding venue and accessibility will be published as soon as possible.

Ula Löw

Registration for the Conference is now open! https://www.easa.europa.eu/newsroom-and-events/events/easa-annual-safet…
We invite you to participate and discuss with us on how that vision should look like and on the many challenges and opportunities that the future has in store. The discussion themes range from our achievements in GA via more affordable modern aircraft to sharing the airspace with others, innovation, electrical aviation and cost-sharing.

Hans van der Hoek

Who will attend? I believe these conferences are good but I can also imagine that most GA companies do not have time/budget to attend.

We have big concerns on the new "light" regulations and I am very curious how other Part 145 and Part MG companies think about it. Furthermore I want to know what EASA and NAA's expect from the industry and I want to be able to speak up since we also have expectations to EASA and the NAA's.

I am going to do my best to attend.

Dominique Roland

Dear Hans,
4 years ago, in Rome, 350 participants from all over Europe attended the event.
Community is represented in our rulemaking process. The new Gliders FCL and OPS regulations are drafted by EGU, the European Gliding Union. ECOGAS was taking an active part in the drafting of the Part M Light. Are you part of ECOGAS?
Best regards,

Ula Löw

The latest conference agenda already features many panellists. There's a substantial range of European GA manufacturers, developers of hybrid and solar-powered aircraft but also of air taxis and other UAV, cost-sharing platforms as well as GA associations and policy representatives participating. Some more invited experts confirmed just now it may be advisable check the conference agenda again in the coming weeks:


Ula Löw

Join world record pilot André Borschberg (keynote speaker) at the EASA Annual Safety Conference in Vienna, 6-7 Nov 2018 and discover what the GA Roadmap 2.0 will bring! #AnnualSafetyConference https://www.easa.europa.eu/newsroom-and-events/events/easa-annual-safet…

This is the latest tweet, it's also on facebook and lInkedIn:




Dominique Roland

Would you like to network with other participants before, during or after the conference? Why not use this topic to organise a meet up?

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