Arctic Aviation Day

AOPA Finland • 12 March 2019
in community General Aviation
Event date 31 Mar '19 09:00 - 15:00
Event location Hotel Ivalo • Ivalontie 34, Ivalo, 99800, Finland
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Tunturi-Ilmailijat is once again in responsibility to arrange the annual Arctic Aviation Day event in Northern Finland. The Arctic Aviation Day will be held this time at Hotel Ivalo's meeting rooms and "one night" tactics from 30 to 31 March 2019. The theme of the event is safe winter flying in different conditions.

More information here, unfortunately only in Finnish. Welcome with skis!

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Jozef Jankovic

It looks like nice event, can you tel us more?
Finnish language is too complicated for me ... but maybe next year we can plan trip there... who knows ... Arctic aviation is definitely very important and very interesting as well

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