COVID-19 Operational Info

26 March 2021

This page provides the latest information for the General Aviation Community on COVID-19. Many of the updates provided on the EASA news pages do not apply to GA so this is the place to get the latest, most relevent information. 

The information is provided in two ways. The first list is in date order with the most recent updates first - this way you can always see the latest ones so you don't miss anything. The second list is the same information just presented in alphabetical order. Hopefully this makes it as easy as possible for you to find the important information you need.

We will leave this page open for comments so please add a comment if you don't easily find something you need. 

Return to Flying Training

Hopefully we will soon be able to get back to flying at some point in the coming weeks. Check out the revised Return to Flying Training developed by our partners at GASCO. 

Latest COVID-19 related publications for GA

7 Jan 2021 - Guidelines for Aero-Medical Centres and Aeromedical Examiners: Information about the assessment of applicants for an initial, revalidation or renewal of a medical certificate during COVID-19. 

20 Nov 2020 - Guidelines on the De-storage of Aircraft: A guide that might be useful for aircraft owners taking aircraft out of storage in the event that flying has not been possible due to the pandemic (or indeed any other reason). 

19 Nov 2020 - Continued Exemptions for Aircrew: The ongoing situation with COVID-19 means that it is still difficult for aircrew to comply with all the requirements for training, testing and checking requirements. As licences are issued by national competent authorities (NCAs), EASA has published guidelines to help these authorities to extend the exemption regime for pilots, where needed, depending on the local situation.

25 Jun 2020 - Recommendations for GA Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A simple one page poster (you can see it at the bottom here) available in English, French, Italian and Spanish to help the GA community to stay

COVID-19 A to Z of all relevant subjects

Aero-medical centres and aeromedical examiners

Continued exemptions for aircrew.

Destorage of aircraft

GA operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.



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