List of acronyms used throughout this Annex

ED Decision 2018/009/R

The following provides a list of acronyms used throughout this Annex:

(A)   aeroplane

(H)   helicopter

A/C   aircraft

ACAS   airborne collision avoidance system

AD   airworthiness directive

AIS   aeronautical information services

AM   accountable manager

AeMC  aero-medical centre

AMC   acceptable means of compliance

AME   aero-medical examiner

APP   approach

APU   auxiliary power unit

ARA   authority requirements for aircrew

ATC   air traffic control

ATO   approved training organisation

ATPL   airline transport pilot licence

BITD   basic instrument training device

BPL   balloon pilot licence

bpm   beats per minute

CAT   category

CBT   computer-based training

CC   cabin crew

CFI  chief flying instructor

cm   centimetres

CM   compliance monitoring

CMP   compliance-monitoring programme

CMS   compliance-monitoring system

COP   code of practice

CPL   commercial pilot licence

CRM   crew resource management

CS  certification specifications

CS-FSTD(A)  Certification Specifications for aeroplane flight simulation training devices

CS-FSTD(H)  Certification Specifications for helicopter flight simulation training devices

CTKI   chief theoretical-knowledge instructor

dB   decibel

DG   dangerous goods

DH   decision height

DPATO  defined point after take-off

DPBL   decision point before landing

EC   European Community

ECG   electrocardiogram

ENT   ear, nose and throat

EOG   electro-oculography

ERP   emergency response plan

ETOPS  extended-range operations with twin-engined aeroplanes

FANS   future air navigation system

FATO   final approach and take-off area

FD   flight director

FEV1   forced expiratory volume in 1 second

FFS   full flight simulator

FMGC   flight management and guidance computer

FMS   flight management system

FNPT   flight navigation and procedures trainer

FSTD   flight simulation training device

ft   feet

FTD   flight training device

FTI   flight test instructor

FVC   forced vital capacity

GM  guidance material

GMP   general medical practitioner

GPS   global positioning system

HEMS   helicopter emergency medical service

HF   human factors

Hg   mercury

HHO   helicopter hoist operation

HT   head of training

Hz   Hertz

IATA   International Air Transport Association

ICAO   International Civil Aviation Organization

IFR   instrument flight rules

IGE   in-ground effect

ILS   instrument landing system

IMC   instrument meteorological conditions

IOS   instructor operating station

IR   instrument rating

kg   kilogram

LAPL   light aircraft pilot licence

LDP   landing decision point

LIFUS   line flying under supervision

LVO   low-visibility operation

LVTO   low visibility take-off

MCC   multi-crew cooperation

MMEL  master minimum equipment list

MPA   multi-pilot aeroplane

MPL   multi-crew pilot licence

NVIS   night vision imaging system

m   metre

mm   millimetre

OGE   out-of-ground effect

OPC   operator proficiency check

ORA   organisation requirements for aircrew

ORO   organisation requirements for air operations

OSD   operational suitability data

OTD   other training device

PBN   performance-based navigation

PF   pilot flying

PIC   pilot-in-command

PM   pilot monitoring

POM   proof of match

PPL   private pilot licence

QTG   qualification test guide

ROD   rate of descent

RVR   runway visual range

RWY   runway

SMM   safety management manual

SOP   standard operating procedure

SPL   sailplane pilot licence

TAWS   terrain avoidance and warning system

TDP   take-off decision point

TRE   type rating examiner

TRI   type rating instructor

TWY   taxiway

VDR   validation data road map

VFR   visual flight rules

ZFTT   zero-flight-time training