NCO.SPEC.ABF.100 Checklist

Regulation (EU) No 379/2014

The checklist for ABF shall contain:

(a) normal, abnormal and emergency procedures;

(b) relevant performance data;

(c) required equipment;

(d) any limitations; and

(e) responsibilities and duties of the pilot-in-command, and, if applicable, crew members and task specialists.

NCO.SPEC.ABF.105 Documents and information

Regulation (EU) No 379/2014

The following documents and information listed in NCO.GEN.135(a) need not be carried during aerobatic flights:

(a) details of the filed ATS flight plan, if applicable;

(b) current and suitable aeronautical charts for the route/area of the proposed flight and all routes along which it is reasonable to expect that the flight may be diverted; and

(c) procedures and visual signals information for use by intercepting and intercepted aircraft.

NCO.SPEC.ABF.110 Equipment

Regulation (EU) No 379/2014

The following equipment requirements need not be applicable to aerobatic flights:

(a) first-aids kit as laid down in NCO.IDE.A.145 and NCO.IDE.H.145;

(b) hand-fire extinguishers as laid down in NCO.IDE.A.160 and NCO.IDE.H.180; and

(c) emergency locator transmitters or personal locator beacons as laid down in NCO.IDE.A.170 and NCO.IDE.H.170.