The content of this document is arranged as follows: the cover regulation (recitals and articles) of the implementing rule (IR) or delegated rule (DR) appears first, then the IR or DR annex points, followed by the related acceptable means of compliance (AMC) and guidance material (GM).

In case of certification specifications (CSs), a CS is followed by the related GM.

All elements (i.e. articles, IRs, DRs, CSs, AMC, and GM) are colour-coded and can be identified according to the illustration below. The EU regulation or EASA Executive Director (ED) decision through which the article, IR, DR, CS, AMC, or GM was introduced or last amended is indicated below the article, IR, DR, CS, AMC, or GM title in italics.

Cover regulation article

EU regulation

Implementing rule annex or delegated rule annex

EU regulation

Certification specification

ED decision

Acceptable means of compliance

ED decision

Guidance material

ED decision



Rules that have a future applicability date are marked with purple. The respective applicability date is indicated below the rule text in purple, in square brackets ‘[]’, and in italics.

This document will be updated regularly to incorporate further amendments.

The format of this document has been adjusted to make it user-friendly and for reference purposes. Any comments should be sent to erules [at]