NCO.SPEC.PAR.100 Checklist

Regulation (EU) No 379/2014

The checklist for PAR shall contain:

(a) normal, abnormal and emergency procedures;

(b) relevant performance data;

(c) required equipment;

(d) any limitations; and

(e) responsibilities and duties of the pilot-in-command, and, if applicable, crew members and task specialists.

NCO.SPEC.PAR.105 Carriage of crew members and task specialists

Regulation (EU) No 379/2014

The requirement laid down in NCO.SPEC.120(c) shall not be applicable for task specialists performing parachute jumping.

NCO.SPEC.PAR.110 Seats

Regulation (EU) No 379/2014

Notwithstanding NCO.IDE.A.140(a)(1) and NCO.IDE.H.140(a)(1), the floor of the aircraft may be used as a seat, provided means are available for the task specialist to hold or strap on.

NCO.SPEC.PAR.115 Supplemental oxygen

Regulation (EU) No 379/2014

Notwithstanding NCO.SPEC.110(f), the requirement to use supplemental oxygen shall not be applicable for crew members other than the pilot-in-command and for task specialists carrying out duties essential to the specialised task, whenever the cabin altitude:

(a) exceeds 13 000 ft, for a period of not more than 6 minutes;, or

(b) exceeds 15 000 ft, for a period of not more 3 minutes.

NCO.SPEC.PAR.120 Release of dangerous goods

Regulation (EU) 2019/1384

Notwithstanding point NCO.SPEC.160, parachutists may carry smoke trail devices and exit the aircraft for the purpose of parachute display over congested areas of cities, towns or settlements or over an open-air assembly of persons, provided those devices are manufactured for that purpose.