NCO.SPEC.HEC.100 Checklist

Regulation (EU) No 800/2013

The checklist for HEC shall contain:

(a) normal, abnormal and emergency procedures;

(b) relevant performance data;

(c) required equipment;

(d) any limitations; and

(e) responsibilities and duties of the pilot-in-command, and, if applicable, crew members and task specialists.


AMC1 SPO.SPEC.HEC.100 of Annex VIII (Part-SPO) provides a generic framework for the development of SOP for HEC operations. This AMC can be regarded as a good practice example for developing the checklist for HEC operations.

NCO.SPEC.HEC.105 Specific HEC equipment

Regulation (EU) 2019/1384

(a) The helicopter shall be equipped with:

(1) hoist operations equipment or cargo hook;

(2) one cargo safety mirror or alternative means to see the hook; and

(3) one load meter, unless there is another method of determining the weight of the load.

(b) The installation of all hoist and cargo hook equipment other than a simple PCDS, and any subsequent modifications shall have an airworthiness approval appropriate to the intended function.