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John FRANKLIN • 4 November 2021
in community Air Operations

A number of EASA experts joined the flight crew and cabin crew training community at the European Airline Training Symposium (EATS) held in Berlin on November 2-3, 2021. It was great to be able to meet with people in person again. Find out more about what happened at EATS and the resources available to help your day-to-day work. Plus, EASA's Together4Safety launched a new collaboration with CAE.... 

Download the presentations from the EASA Panel and Wellbeing presentation to the Cabin Crew Conference at the bottom of the page.

Keynote speeches at both the Cabin Crew and Pilot Conferences

EASA provided the keynote speeches at both the Cabin Crew and Pilot Conferences. Flight Standards Director Jesper Rasmussen provided the keynote to the Pilot Conference and Daan Dousi (Aircrew and Medical Section Manager) presented to the Cabin Crew Conference. They focussed on the various EASA initiatives to support the industry during the pandemic. Both speeches highlighted on the important role that the Aviation Health Safety Protocol (AHSP) played during the pandemic. We are also very thankful for the collaboration and support with the whole industry in ensuring the smooth exit from the flexibility provisions to overcome the restrictions on training. Looking to future, this strong collaboration will play a key role in supporting the continued modernisation of training through immersive technologies and digitalisation.

The Aircrew and Medical Department also joined a meeting of the Heads of Training to discuss industry priorities related to training.

The EASA Panel - Regulatory Developments in Flight Crew Training

EASA and industry experts shared the latest situation on regulatory developments in flight crew training in the EASA panel that was led by Bernard Bourdon, the Head of EASA's Aircrew and Medical Department. Francisco Arenas Alvarino gave an outline on the current status on the implementation of Evidence Based Training was provided and the Agency experts recommended the use of the safety promotion material provided on the Air Ops Community Site. The expert panel also encouraged the training community to attend the 4th EBT Implementation Webinar that will be held as a virtual even on 7 December and for which registration is now open.

The long-awaited Flight Examiner Manual has now been published on the EASA website and Ascanio Russo asked for industry to provide feedback to ensure its continual improvement. The session concluded with an update on the FSTD capability signature and special conditions, and digital licencing.

You can download the EASA presentation at the bottom of the page.


EASA launches collaboration with CAE's Airside.aero

Here in the Together4Safety office we are looking to establish collaborations with new safety partners. John Franklin and Daan Dousi launched a new safety partnership with CAE that will see the publication of material on the Airside.aero website. This collaboration will greatly enhance the outreach to the training and pilot communities, keeping them updated with the latest initiatives and safety promotion material from EASA. Huge thanks to David Owens and Richard Kennedy at CAE for helping put this in place. 


Talking about Wellbeing and Psychological Safety at the Cabin Crew Conference

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen the importance of taking positive actions on wellbeing and psycological safety. Both within organisations, as operational teams and also as individuals. John Franklin from EASA's Safety Promotion team and Claudio Marturano from the T-C Alliance provided a presentation on this topic to the Cabin Crew Conference. Make sure to access the EASA Wellbeing Resource Hub here on the Community Site and also download the presentation at the bottom of the page. 

John and Claudio


It was great to meet up with so many people in person and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year. 


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