People, Wellbeing and Human Factors

1 February 2021

Welcome to the EASA Together4Safety Wellbeing Resource Hub - select one of the 3 areas below for more information depending on your needs. 

Looking After YourselfManaging othersImpact on Career

The aviation industry is founded on its dedicated, professional people. At the start of 2020 we could never have imagined what the aviation community is going through right now. It doesn’t matter what role you have in our industry it is likely that you will have been impacted in some way by COVID-19. The best way we can all get through these challenging times is by looking after ourselves and those around us.


Careers Support

One of the positive things that has come from this crisis has been the way our community has come together to help and support each other. EASA Together4Safety has collaborated with T-C Alliance and a wide range of other organisations to create this Wellbeing Resource Hub to provide easy access to information to help you.

The first part of the Resource Hub is now available and is made up of two parts:

  • A comprehensive careers training package aimed at providing advice and skills to help individuals transition, once again, into gainful employment.
  • Useful information on Wellbeing to help everyone in the aviation community.

You can access this information by clicking on the link.

There are many different initiatives here to help on the wellbeing side and we aim to create a resource hub that brings together the work from initiatives including DGAC France, the European Aviation Wellbeing Committee (EAWC), Resilient Pilot, the Royal Aeronautical Society HF Group, and the EAM-WELL initiative that involves European Society for Aviation Medicine (ESAM), European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP), European Cockpit Association (ECA), European Pilot Peer Support Initiative (EPPSI), Centre for Aviation Psychology (CAP) and Stiftung Mayday.

Click on the links below to find out more. Remember, we will get through this crisis by supporting each other and working together.  

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