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John FRANKLIN • 4 October 2021
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This page provides all the information from EASA to support the implementation of Evidence-Based Training (EBT). The publication of ED Decision 2021/002/R on March 2, 2021 means there is now a lot of work to be done. 

3rd EBT Webinar

The 3rd Information Workshop was hosted online from 1330 to 1630 CET on 29th October. The presentations will be availale shortly, in the meantime you can watch the videos of the session below.

Part 1 - EASA and NAA Presentations

The video of Part 1 of the Webinar includes the introductory presentations from EASA and the regulators presentations from DGAC France and AESA Spain.

Part 2 - Q&A

The video of Part 2 of the Webinar is the Q&A led by the ATPG. 

2nd EBT Webinar

The 2nd EBT Information Workshop was hosted online from 1330 to 1630 CET on 29th September. The initial presentations are available at the bottom of the page for download.  The video recordings will be posted as quickly as possible.  

Part 1 - EASA Presentation

The video of Part 1 of the Webinar with the presentation from EASA's experts.

Part 2 - Presentations from Lufthansa and Iberia

Presentations are available at the bottom for download. 

Part 3 - Q&A

The video of Part 3 with the Q&A and discussion led by the Aircrew Training Policy Group (ATPG). 

Check out the content from the 1st Webinar

At the bottom of the page you can download the EASA presentation and notes from the 1st EBT Information Werbinar that was held on 29th June. You can also view the video of the workshop here below.  

The key links you might be interested in are: 

Register for the 4th Webinar

You can already register for the follow up Webinars that will take place on 29 October and 

Airlines achieve first EBT baseline approvals

We want to congratulate Iberia and AirFrance, along with their national authorities AESA Spain and DGAC France, for being the first airlines in the world to receive approval on EBT baseline in accordance with Reg (EU) 2020/2036 and Reg (EU) 2020/2193. For the first time ever, the revalidation of pilot licence are done in accordance to EBT Competences (Appendix 10) instead of the mandatory manoeuvres in appendix 9.

AP10 Revalidation

Photo: 1st Pilot in the world to revalidate in accordance to Appendix 10 Lilia Gómez Rubio (pilot A320), EBT instructor Ignacio Gállego Alemany (EBT manager Iberia), Examiner Miguel Angel Perez Mediano (TRE Iberia and A320 EBT fleet manager), Francisco Javier González Castillo (Head of training), Manuel Angel Samaniego de Tiedra (Deputy head of training and Iberia ATO), Belén García Pozo (Ground Training Manager). 

Iberia approved in May 2021. EBT manager Ignacio Gallego Alemany. EASA inspector Amelia Abadía Isla.

Air France EBT

Photo: Capt Catherine Urbiha and F/O Jean-Max Vautier during the EBT evaluation. 

Air France gained their approval in June 2021. Crew training safety manager Fabien Laignel. DGAC France flight OPS inspector Pascal Foncelle.

ED Decision 2021/002/R - Published in March 2021

For full details about the ED Decision related to EBD you visit the Decision Page on the EASA Website.  This decision introduces new flight crew training requirements that are intended to improve pilot competencies by updating the associated acceptable means of compliance (AMC) and guidance material (GM).

This work is part of a global safety initiative endorsed by ICAO that links pilot training to aircraft generation. This is the second step towards the implementation of full EBT. The first step was completed in 2015 with the publication of ED Decision 2015/027/R that provided guidance material to allow the implementation of a ‘mixed EBT’ which maintains the current operator proficiency check (OPC) and licence proficiency check (LPC).

What this recent decision is all about?

This most recent decision completes the second step initiated by allowing authorities to approve the baseline EBT, which replaces OPC and LPC. This means that you can have a single philosophy of recurrent training within your airline. EBT is intended to improve safety by enhancing the capability of flight crews to operate the aircraft in all flight regimes by recognising and managing unexpected situations. The EBT concept is designed to maximise learning and minimise formal checking. Further work is foreseen in the context of the activities of RMT.0599 to allow expansion of EBT to the operator conversion course and initial type rating, as well as to other types of aircraft (e.g. helicopters and business jets).

The impact assessment (IA) detailed in NPA 2018-07 and Opinion No 08/2019 showed that the implementation of EBT by the operator on a voluntary basis is the preferred option in regulating recurrent training and checking of flight crew. The IA illustrates that the adopted rules in combination with the AMC & GM issued with this Decision contribute to significant improvement in safety by strengthening the competencies of flight crews while providing a cost-efficient and socially acceptable framework.

EBT Mixed Checklist 

With the new Decision, there is an update to the EBT Checklist - you can find this here


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Pablo Dezontini

Quite Amazing!!! The Airline I work for is going to be the pioneer of EBT in Brazil. Thanks for sharing and God Speed.

Jenny Taggart


The EBT associated AMC & GM to Part-ORO makes reference to an EASA EBT manual. Is this manual published or is it in development? If it is published, can you please provide a link for this document?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Jenny, the EBT Manual is still in the final stages of development as soon as its published we will be shouting it from the rooftops :)

Jenny Taggart

Thank you. Looking forward to the manual being published.

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