Drones & Vertical Take-Off and Landing – VTOLs

dronesTechnologies for drones and Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft are evolving all the time. As drones and VTOLs are becoming a fixture in all our lives, we at EASA set up rules for flying drones and VTOLs in Europe, to define how they are designed, manufactured and operated. We will also set up rules and standards for a specific type of airspace called U-Space, which will enable drones & VTOLs to fly safely across European skies. In short, we are enabling innovative air mobility with drones and VTOLs.

EASA shares all the latest information on operating a drone safely, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner and shows you how your privacy is ensured.

You can view a wide selection of drone videos on the EASA Youtube Channel. They cover topics including Aeromodelling, Drone Geographical Zones, FPV Drone Flying and Travelling with Drones.

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