Flying a drone - How to be a safe drone pilot


EASA Drone video Donnie Paul

Donnie & Paul Video

Check out the video of Paul with his new drone Donnie to see how to become a safe and responsible drone pilot and to comply with the new European Drone Rules.

Flying a drone can be really fun. But as a drone pilot you are now one more user of busy skies. It is important that you know how to fly your drone safely and legally.

European Drone Rules 

The drone industry is developing at fast pace and has great potential for creating new jobs and growth. Drones include very large aircraft which resemble normal airplanes in size and complexity, as well as very small ones often used as toys. Especially the smaller ones are increasingly being used in the European Union. 

EASA has developed European rules to ensure that drone operators – whether recreational or professional – have a clear understanding of what is allowed and what is not. Drone pilots will be able to use their drones in all EU countries or when developing a business involving drones around Europe.