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John FRANKLIN • 19 February 2021
in community Air Operations

The decline in traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the skills and knowledge of some aviation professional due to a period of inactivity or not having the chance to work at all. There is a lot of follow on work in this area to provide more information to help both organisations manage the situation and for individual job roles. This material will be continually updated. 

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Some things you can do

  • Where possible, try to stay in touch with colleagues and the aviation industry in general. 
  • Maintain training activities during lockdown and low traffic levels if you can - use online resources if they are available. 
  • Keep in touch with industry webinars and events.
  • I’ve done a general description that can be made more specific for each roll.

Depending on your role there are other things you can do. 

  • Practice normal scan flows and procedures by designating 1 hour per day to brushing up on the manuals and competency observable behaviours.
  • Use touch drills for Cabin Crew/Engineers/ATC and ‘Arm Chair’ flying for pilots to simulate the required actions.
  • Refresh OMA/B/C/D/MEL weekly to ensure fluidity and currency with updates.
  • Operate defensively and ask colleagues to cross check all actions and procedures
  • Keep it simple to SOP’s
  • Use appropriate fatigue management strategies and rest opportunities to ensure alertness and good level of performance
  • Discuss with colleagues the potential threats are mitigation strategies. Create extra time to complete tasks and procedures.

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