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John FRANKLIN • 19 February 2021
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The COVID-19 has put many people in a challenging situation financially. This page provides some information on places where you can find specific resources and advice. Some of these are European Level resources that can help direct you to local resources in your own language. Others are more general resources in English. 

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European resources and information

  • The European Banking Authority has information on the relevant authorities in the EU relating to consumer protection and access to financial education resources on a country by country basis. 
  • Perhaps a more practical resource is the European Consumer Debt Network (ECDN), which is a European level civil society network built on the experiences and activities of key actors in the fight against over-indebtedness and financial exclusion – consisting of 41 debt advice services as well as consumer rights organisations, educational organisations, consumer agencies and research institutes from 18 European countries. Their members page is a great place to access specific resources in various countries and in local languages. 

English language resources and information

  • The Money Advice Service provides free and impartial money advice. They have information, advice and guides to help improve your finances, tools and calculators to help keep track and plan ahead. 
  • The Citizens Advice Bureau offers free impartial advice face-to-face, by telephone, online chat or by email and have a wealth of online resources in the English. 
  • StepChange is a registered charity which provides advice, budgets support and solutions to manage your debt. StepChange provide support by phone, emails or online (through live chat or using its Debt Remedy advice tool). 



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