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John FRANKLIN • 19 February 2021
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Activities in this context are the things you do for yourself that help you structure and give meaning to your day and help you understand and cope with your situation.  Ensuring that you have a personal focus as part of your day is an essential element of your wellbeing.

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Rating and Self-Assessment 

Wellbeing Rating

If you ranked your coping as GOOD then this section should help you maintain that. If you rated it as FAIR or POOR then this section should help you improve the situation.


An activities schedule helps you to structure your day and can help support your wellbeing; it is a matter of personal preference.  Failing to maintain a focus on positive activities can have a negative impact on you in the short term in several areas.

Body Mind Social

Activities can include components from the other sections of this guide, and some elements are interconnected with the suggestions below.

What You Can Do

There are simple actions you can take that, used regularly, could help improve your situation.

  • Create a daily routine and try to keep a positive but flexible control of your schedule. Write it down and display it, or tell others of it, in a way that they will understand and be able to respect your time.
  • Write/record a daily journal of positive and negative aspects of your day and your responses. You could use a written format or a digital video recording on your mobile device. Review the journal as you feel appropriate and look to see if any common themes arise.
  • Schedule and engage in positive activities for yourself or with others. This could include reading, listening to music, gardening, a creative hobby or playing a game (alone or with others).
  • Set yourself small daily learning goals so that you can see definite progress. This could include a practical skill you can do in your specific situation or an online course in something unrelated to your occupation and in line with a personal interest.
  • Limit daily social media/news consumption to a planned times and only to trusted sources.
  • Do something helpful and positive for someone else, and thank others for what they do for you. These could be as simple as offering to help someone doing a task if you have the time, asking if they would like anything from the kitchen when you are going there or giving priority to someone else’s needs.

If you see any concerning signs in someone close to you gently enquire if they are doing OK and offer them access to this guide.



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