Ramp-Up - Be Ready, Stay Safe - AMO/CAMO

John FRANKLIN • 16 June 2021
in community Air Operations

Welcome to the Ramp-up, Be Ready - Stay Safe campaign pages for CAMOs/ AMOs.

  • Take part in the Survey on maintenance skils and knowledge challenges
  • Download the package of material at the bottom of the page and use it to support your Ramp-up. 
  • Check out the video and presentations from the CAMO Session at Ramp-up Safety Week (presentations are at the bottom). 
  • Consider how you can "Be Ready" and "Stay Safe" using the organisational actions.
  • Assess the safety issues against your own management system and operation.
  • Use the Ramp-up resources via the links in the PPT or PDF.  
  • Discuss safety with your operational staff using the safety actions in the list.  


Maintenance Ramp-up



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