Conversation Aviation Magazine 01-2023

John Franklin • 31 March 2023
in community Air Operations

Finally, it’s here. After many months of planning, a lot of meetings, and many hours with our different collaborative partners on Webex calls - here is the first edition of Conversation Aviation “The Magazine”.

Download either the full size magazine or the reduced file size, lower quality version at the bottom of the page. 

The whole magazine is copyright free so please edit it yourself (we use Adobe Createive Cloud)

Together4Safety was launched as EASA’s safety promotion brand 3 years ago. In a challenging world we aimed to create something that provides easy-to-read, practical safety information. We aim to be straight talking, informative and interesting.

Our goal and the intended audience

Our main goal is to get the whole industry to have positive conversations about how to operate safely and effectively.

Our material is mostly aimed at safety leaders, managers, and safety teams in operational organisations. The last thing any airline or airport needs is EASA sending information directly to their frontline staff. It is important that your organisation sets our articles, videos, or other safety information in the right context for your day-to-day work and in accordance to your organisational mindset.

Edit the magazine yourself - feel free to remove our logos, just keep the credits

To help reach as many people as possible and save you time in your own organisation, we will also make the magazine and its article available so you can edit it in Adobe Creative Cloud. This way you can use the magazine as the basis for your own safety promotion material and company magazines. You will be able to just change the logos and publish it as your own with minimal effort. You can edit or remove the articles to add your own context and you could also add your own as well. It’s up to you.

Until now we have mostly published articles on the Air Ops Community Site and then we shared them on LinkedIn in the hope that we could reach as many people as possible. Whether you work in an airline, airport, maintenance organisation, ground handler, or anywhere else, creating interesting and engaging safety promotion is not easy. We know, we face the same challenges every day ourselves here in the EASA Safety Promotion Team.

This is where Conversation Aviation “The Magazine” comes in. It will be published every quarter as an EASA publication, created in a collaborative way with organisations from across the aviation community. The publication dates will be 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and then the final issue of the year will be just before Christmas.

During the course of each quarter, we will publish the articles over time on the Air Ops Community so you can read them as individual articles and not just as part of the magazine. We will also include some videos, posters, and even some podcasts on the different topics.

Finally, we would love your contribution to “Conversation Aviation”. If you would like to provide an article or join the editorial team, please send us an email to




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