From Take-Off to Landing

7 July 2020

It is useful to understand more about the safety picture across the different flight phases to help inform the decision making for your SMS.  Initial we have the information on the prevalence of accidents and serious incidents in the different flight phases and this will be added to with more information over time.  

Safety from Take-Off to Landing

The graph below from the EASA Annual Safety Review shows the distribution of accidents and serious incidents by flight phase in 2019 compared to the 10-year average.

En route is the flight phase where the majority of accidents and serious incidents took place. This is not necessarily a surprise because the majority of the flight is spent in this phase - in terms of time. Over time, we will provide more detailed information about the different risks across the various flight phases to help you manage risks in your own organisation.  

Flight Phase Graph

What is the Unknown/ Blank Flight Phase?

The unknown/blank flight phase corresponds to those occurrences where no data was available and it normally relates to the second aircraft in some of the occurrences (e.g. In a general aviation leisure flight leading to a loss of separation with an airliner, the missing information on the specific flight phase may be for the general aviation flight).