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John FRANKLIN • 22 April 2022
in community Air Operations

On Friday, 22 April 2022, Together4Safety hosted an SMS Q&A Webinar to help organisations across the aviation community with implementation of safety. Whether you are an airline or airport trying to optimise your existing SMS or working for a Part 21 or Part 145 organisation wondering how to impelement the new requirements - we are here to help. 

At this stage we post only the video of the Q&A session below and at the bottom of the page you can access the Powerpoint from the event and also a slightly longer one that will answer more of your questions. 

Over the coming weeks this page will turn into a full SMS information resource. 

We have kept the Sli.do open from the webinar so keep asking your questions. Go to Sli.do and use the following passcode: ubjyzh.


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Jean-Pierre ARNAUD

The full PPT contains:
- useful SMS information for the Part 21 and Part-145 community;
- links to the SMICG products and videos where more information on the understanding and implementation of SMS are provided.
Enjoy the reading and the use of the available SMS literature.

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