World Pilots Day

John FRANKLIN • 26 April 2021
in community Rotorcraft

Happy World Pilots day!

Happy Pilot's Day to everyone. Being a pilot is not just a hobby, it's a life style you choose. Dedication and passion for aviation.

The pandemic has left many pilots grounded and not able to do the job they love, they show resilience each and everyone. Currently there are pilots working as truck drivers, delivering groceries, caring for the sick in hospitals, volunteering with vaccinations and much more. For those not flying now, have faith, work hard, and we hope you get the chance to return to sky soon.

For those who are flying, stay safe.

For everyone, whatever situation you find yourself in make sure to look after yourself and those around you. A group of experts have created the Wellbeing Hub to help with that.

Celebrating some of the pilots that support us.

Today is a great opportunity to thank some of the pilot's that support us in our safety promotion work on Together4Safety. There are lots of people behind the scenes that help us by giving us great ideas, writing interesting articles, making videos and all sorts of other things but we would especially like to thank EASA's own Francesco Gaetani and Wendell Lynch plus our key contributors Stephen van Houweligen (Air Ops), Mona Seeberger (Rotorcraft) and Tom Strojnik (Drones). 

World Pilots Day


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