UAV - Share same airspace with CAT - FL>150

Acaymo Navarro Melian • 1 September 2021
in community Air Operations

Good afternoon,

I have question about UAV that share same airspace with CAT (Commercial Air Transport).

France has deliveried a SUP where notified UAV traffic with a exercise.

The question is:

 -> How can we inform to fligh crew about this traffic? 

 -> The UAV have transponder or not? I think that is military traffic ...

 -> Can the ATC managmenet the UAV traffic or not?

In Europe, will be more UAV traffic sharing airspace and we will need to make a good situational awareness between ATC <-> Flight Crew and UAV pilot (Civil and Military)

Best regards,




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Roberto Esposito

Great point.

Some specific situation really made it clear why pilots, manned and unmanned, would greatly benefit from direct communications especially when it comes to altitudes.

You just highlight the need for UAV pilots and Aircraft or Helicopter pilots to communicate to avoid incidents, there is a lack of communication or a language in common at all.


Billy George Kisheto Thielebeule

It's true the with the communication as certain details are sensitive and should be first undertaken before giving a feedback to the undertake the appreciate decision making or rightfully Authority's

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