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Mohammad Ghashghaei • 18 October 2023
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According to my experience in airport facilitation, AGL and Electrical systems design, Installation, Commissioning and Training technical courses over 20 years, I believe that EASA should have update "Easy Access rules for Aerodromes" to establishing following requirements mentioned below for Aerodrome Engineers and Maintenance Experts and Personnel because of Expedient and safety of air operation in airports undoubtedly depends on These infrastructures and facilities. 

- Competency, rating and proficiency check

- Competency-based Training and Assessment (CBTA)

- QA/QC Procedures

- Permit to work/Release to work in Airport Maintenance Activities

- documents such as Part 145/Part 147/Part 66/Part M for airport maintenace training centers, personnel and etc.

- establishing standard maintenance centers such as aviation MRO's. 

- Part MED due to harmful environment and special maintenance activities such as AGL and Electrical networks, DG's, PBB's, etc.

- Personal Maintenance Logbooks

- standards for workplace, shops, maintenance tools, vehicles, clothes, PPE's, etc.

- define Human Factors and limitations for airport maintenance personnel

- define CRM for airport maintenance teams and experts

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Tony Coates

Regular and continual assessment of engineering skills are essential to ensure both best practice and safety when working on AGL equipment. The keeping of personal logbooks ensures that the training needs of the individual are being maintained, and auditing can ensure this. This, with regular updates on technology and regulatory factors, as well as independent assessments on a regular basis, will ensure that AGL engineering personnel are capable of working safely and effectively to ensure compliance on an airfield.

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