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Kelly PAVAN • 15 April 2023
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Quick question for the brain trust: Is there any regulation regarding medical requirements for task specialist? Part MED only talks about pilots and cabin crew members which are defined by all crew members other than pilots and technical Crew members. TCM are only related to commercial operations. What about non commercial SPO where a hoist operator is required? Where are the medical requirements (Class2 medical certificate) for this type of personnel? 

Thanks in advance

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Hello Antonia,
Thank you for chiming in. Could you please point out which article in PART MED lists when a Class 2 certificate is required. I'm only aware of Subpart B regarding pilot and student pilot medical certificate and Subpart C for Cabin Crew.

Thank you

Antonia Petreanu

Part MED won't tell you who needs what type of medical. It will just tell you what the criteria are for medical fitness for each type of medical, for example it won't tell you which pilots need a class 1 and which ones need a class 2. The link I provided is the only document I am aware of which specifically describes medical requirements for hoist operators. Maybe wait to see if anyone else is aware of any other information.

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