Making Sense of Aviation Safety - A new collaborative study by using an innovative survey tool 'SenseMaker'

Cengiz Turkoglu • 29 June 2021
in community Air Operations

BALPA, Cranfield University and Cognitive Edge recently conducted an online event where we launched our collaborative study ‘Making Sense of Aviation Safety’. More information about the Cynefin Framework; the innovative survey tool 'SenseMaker' offered by Cognitive Edge and the previously conducted studies about the Risk Culture in Commercial Air Transport Industry, including the link for the survey are available at the study webpage. The Survey will remain open until the end of the year and we aim to capture the experiences and narratives from the frontline pilots. This unique survey enables the respondents to interpret and analyse their own stories rather than we may misinterpret them. All pilots around the world are welcome to share their stories continually during the coming weeks and months while the operations in different regions start to ramp up. You can also share your experiences in the past as well. The more stories you share the more you increase your chance in a bursary draw for a Cranfield short course. PLEASE DO CONSIDER SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCES BUT ALSO SHARE THE LINKS IN YOUR AIRLINES AND NETWORKS SO THAT WE UNDERSTAND THE SCENARIOS FRONTLINE PILOTS FACE DURING THESE CHALLENGING TIMES. P.S. The site didn't allow me to include the links, which defeats the whole purpose of this community. Please do not hesitate to contact me at Cranfield University website or LinkedIn to access the study webpage, recordings and most importantly the survey link.

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