Galileo current service status

Manuel Márquez • 30 November 2021
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Hello colleagues,

I'd like to ask you about this, do you really know which is the current service status of Galileo?

I think nowadays they're providing initialization service but not fully operational, when is it expected to reach full operational capability?

And what about SAR service, is it fully operational, with the downlink message working nowadays?

Many thanks.

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Robert Gottwald

You can see the service status of the constellation here:…

From my understanding it has not reached FOC yet, "With 22 operational Galileo satellites (3 IOV plus 19 FOC satellites), the constellation is on track to reach completion in 2023."

Galileo supports the Return Link Service for ELT-DT since January 2020.
You can see the FLS/RLS status here:…

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