EASA Annual Safety Review - Helicopters

John Franklin • 16 August 2023
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Welcome to the 2023 Annual Safety Review (ASR), which looks at the safety performance of the European aviation system in 2022.  

This article provides an overview of the helicopter aspects of the ASR. You can check out the full ASR on the EASA Website here.

Introduction to the ASR

This, and other analyses carried out by EASA in collaboration with the National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) and industry is used to support the decision making that is reflected in the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS). Therefore, where risks are identified, further analysis is performed and when needed, mitigation actions are included in the EPAS. This is a continual workstream as part of the European Safety Risk Management Process.

The report provides an analysis of accidents, serious incidents and other occurrences, using ICAO Annex 13 definitions. The source is EASA’s occurrence database complemented by the European Central Repository (ECR), which contains the reports collected under Regulation (EU) 376/2014.  The ASR also provides information on the level of occurrence reporting in Europe and also on EASA’s standardisation activities.

Helicopters and VTOL Overview

ASR HellicoptersASR Hellicopters

CAT Operations Helicopters

ASR CAT Helicopters

Part SPO Helicopters

ASR SPO Helicopters

Non-commercial (General aviation) Helicopters

ASR GA Helicopters



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