DME versus VOR

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Manuel Márquez

Many thanks for your answers.
We may say that the PBN enacts the use of the GNSS in the continental enroute phase with the support of the DME/DME Wich provides accuracy and also integrity (you may compare) of the GNSS signal and the use of the GNSS+INS in the oceanic enroute phase, providing GNSS to INS accuracy and INS to GNSS integrity.

Robert Gottwald

The modern/contemporary FMCs use hydrid GPS inertial data and when GPS is not available revert to hybrid radio inertial data, usually including DME/DME, VOR/DME and ILS (LOC).
For example for the 737NG/MAX, the FMC position updates from navigation sensor positions are used in the following priority order: GPS, DME/DME, VOR/DME, LOC/DME and LOC.

Manuel Márquez

Many thanks Robert, and I understand the 737NG/MAX when taking the data coming from GPS, that data is generated really by the GPS+INS system, or as you mentioned before the hybrid GPS inertial data system.

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