Fabrizio Della Porta • 23 March 2023
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Under the EU 965/2012 as amended (AIR OPS), it's possible to have a "DAMP LEASE"?

I know very well the ORO.AOC.110 and it's AMC, but the "DAMP ELASE" it's not reported!!

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Robert Gottwald

Damp leases in/out are regularly done by European carriers. Usually, the cabin crew of the lessee effectively becomes part of the lessors minimum required cabin crew and all requirements must be met accordingly (operator conversion and recurrent training, etc.).
A damp lease is therefore effectively a (special form of) wet lease.

Claudia Pocetta

I believe that the Dump Lease falls down as well under the ORO.AOC.110 and its AMCs. Under the agreements the only different is that the lessees will have to provide the cabin crew, properly trained. The rest of agreements remains the same at large.

David Innes

The Regulation is clearly worded to avoid confusion about which organisation is operating the aircraft. The term 'damp lease' is a commercial arrangement that results in crew being 'shared' between the lessor and the lessee, but we all need to remain vigilant to identify whether the aircraft is being operated by the lessor (wet lease) or the lessee (dry lease). As explained in previous comments, if the 'non-operator' provides crews, then these must be legally 'absorbed' into the 'operator's' organisation, and operate to the 'operator's' policies, processes, and procedures.

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