Conversation Aviation Magazine 03-2023 - Winter Readiness

John Franklin • 2 November 2023
in community Air Operations

It's here - the 3rd edition of the Conversation Aviation magazine is now available as PDFs at the bottom of this page. ✈️ 👇

There is low resolution web version and a higher resolution print version. If you are interested to tailor the magazine to your own needs, drop me a message via LinkedIn or email and we can send you the raw Adobe files. You can make any edits you want, add logos, remove our logo - the main thing is that as many organisations as possible use the material. 

This edition focusses on Winter Readiness. There are lots of great articles for you: 

  • Safewings Winter Readiness (thanks to everyone who supported the Winter Readiness Week in August and this article, particularly Laura Watson (easyJet), Gregor Dabek (Menzies Aviation), Krisztian Zajak (Ryanair), Jonathan Heavey (IAA), Dragos Munteanu (IATA), Christoffer Enell (SAS Airlines) and Alberto Fernando Lopez (EASA) and many others). 
  • View from the Flight Deck (thanks to Rebecca Lougheed from the Aviation Place). 
  • The Hidden Impact of Staff Mental Health (thanks to Pilot's Who Ask Why). 
  • The Role of Human Factors and Aviation Psychologists (thanks to Gunnar Steinhardt from Cargolux/ European Association for Aviation Psychology - EAAP)
  • The Origins of Flight Education (thanks to Jo Watkinson from CAE - we collaborate with their Airside.AERO platform on promotion material)
  • Why safe, efficient communication in aviation is a SHARED responsibility (thanks to Paul Stevens from Mayflower College). 
  • Standard Phraseology (thanks to Stephen van Houwelingen from STAC Aviation). 
  • Understanding Cyber Risks (thanks to Jean-Paul Moreaux from EASA).
  • Sustainability in Action with the Environmental APS MCC (thanks to the Aircrew Training Policy Group and Halldale).  

Here are some links to other great winter ops resources. (If you find anything else add it in the comments and we will update the page).  

Once again, also a huge thanks to Claudio Marturano CEO at the T-C-Alliance and his team for their efforts putting the magazine together and doing all the editing so the inputs from so many different places all line up and makes sense.


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Tapani Maukonen

Hi John, thanks for a well put together package once again! And thank you for highlighting the winter operations bulletin published by Traficom.

I would like to point out that we also have another winter ops bulletin that is targeted more for the general aviation community, and it is available in English here:…

If you'd like to include it at some point as well :)

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