Conversation Aviation 1-2024 - The Dirty Dozen Edition

John Franklin • 29 February 2024
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Welcome to the 4th edition the EASA Conversation Aviation magazine and the first edition for 2024. You can download the PDFs at the bottom of this page. ✈️ 👇

If you are interested to tailor the magazine to your own needs, drop me a message (John Franklin - EASA) via LinkedIn or email and we can send you the raw Adobe files. You are free to use any of the articles for you own safety promotion and can make any edits you want, add logos, remove our logo - the main thing is that as many organisations as possible use the material. 

The Dirty Dozen Edition

This edition is focused on the Dirty Dozen. They were originally developed by Gordon Dupont while he was working for Transport Canada and also used by the FAA to promote maintenance safety. They are well know by many people in aviation and a great way to get into some of the more human and organisational aspects of managing risks. 

A huge thanks to Nuno Aghdassi and Jose Figueiredo from the Portuguese Accident Investigation Authority (GPIAAF) for their support and inspiration with the concept for this edition of the magazine. Also thanks to Claudio Marturano and all the team at T-C Alliance for their work putting the magazine together. 

If you are new to the magazine, it is set as the magazine of an imaginary airline called Safewings. Our aim is to talk about the risk mitigations needed to ensure safe and effective operations. We also try to highlight the importance of collaboration between all the different stakeholders in the aviation system. 

What's in this edition

There are lots of great articles for you in this edition: 

  • Foreword from EASA's new Strategy and Safety Management Director, Maria Rueda. 
  • Leadership and the Dirty Dozen - we start with a view of the safety landscape for 2024 and the role of leadership in supporting the goals in the Safety Map that help ensure safe and effective operations. Thanks to Nuno and Jose for the visuals and the input to this article. 
  • What's Ahead of Us This Year from the Safewings Safety Manager who talks about the importance of safety as a value and not just a priority - we all say safety is our number one priority....
  • The Dirty Dozen - HF Manage Gunnar brings the Dirty Dozen to life as a great way to highlight the role of human factors for all staff.
  • New Year, New Challenges - the View from the Flight Deck thanks to Rebecca Lougheed from the Aviation Place. What challenges are pilots likely to face throughout the year. 
  • The Hidden Impact of Staff Mental Health (thanks to Pilot's Who Ask Why). 
  • The Role of Human Factors and Aviation Psychologists (thanks to Gunnar Steinhardt from Cargolux/ European Association for Aviation Psychology - EAAP)
  • View from the C Suite where the Safewings CEO highlights the important role that everyone plays in safe operations. 
  • The Dirty Dozen and what it means for the different roles people perform in aviation. 
    • Compliance and Risk Management in the Flight Deck. 
    • Risk Mitigation in the Cabin. 
    • The Vital Role of Maintenance in Safe Operations. 
    • Keeping Everything in Order - Records and admin challenges in an airline. 
    • Clearing the Runway - ramp and aerodrome challenges. 
    • The View from Ops Control. 
    • ATM Risks and Challenges. 
  • GNSS Interferences and Conflicts (thanks to the EASA Cyber Security and Emerging Risks Team). 
  • Enhancing Pilot Training Through CBTA Data Driven Insights and Learning (thanks to Richard Kennedy from CAE - we collaborate with their Airside.AERO platform on promotion material)
  • Enhancing Fuel Management to Promote Sustainability - a case study on how the Fuel Vision app is helping Danish operator Jettime to turn their sustainability goals into action. Thanks to Elena Escrivá de Romaní Pérez and Søren Wistisen (Fuel Vision) as well as Kristian Plambeck Lassen (Jettime) and Birgitte Johansen. 



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