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Klaus van Bellen • 16 December 2022
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Good Morning everybody,

I kindly request your advice in the following topic / question:

our company provides airport services in the field of aircraft cabin cleaning / cabin dressing services, technical washes, Walkboarding assistance, on-airport crew transportation.

ADR.OPS.B.024 regulates the authorisation of vehicle drivers. Drivers operating vehicles in "manovering areas" need to demonstrate specific language proficieny. However, drivers operating vehicels in other areas are not required to demonstrate specific language skills.

Commonly airport operators offer the "general driver training programme" in local language and English only. It would be very helpful if airport operators were to offer - at least the theoretical / written general driver's test - in other languages, e.g. Turkish, Greek, Spanish, etc. Preferably of course the whole training programme were to offered in additional languages.

Would this be allowed under EASA regulations? Are there other limiting factors to this topic?

Thank you very much in advance
Kind regards,

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