diomiro certaldi • 31 December 2022
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In many organizations, Part145, Part CAMO,.Part M, there is only one person accountable, the Accountable manager. Is that correct or other people in the same organization can be Accountable for his/her function? (ARS, B1, NPCA, CMM; mechanic....)

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Robert Swankhuizen

certifying staff are responsible and liable for maintenance work performed by mechanics and work they have been performed by themselfs. Mechanics are performed and liable for the work they have performed by themselfs. Certifying staff is acting indipendently, mechanics are acting independently as long the task is not relevant. (145.A.30). There is no overrulement possible concerning descisions about maintenance work made by the certifying staff by others ( including the accountable 145 manager) in case of a ‘sign-off’ or certificate of release to service’!

John Franklin

Just to add, in an organisational context - yes, there is only one accountable manager for the safety of the operation/ work/ approval such as the Part 145, Part M etc. This is different from the accountability of individual staff for performing their jobs correctly.

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