SAFE360 - 2022

John FRANKLIN • 6 May 2022
in community Air Operations
Event date 13 Sep '22 - 15 Sep '22
Event location Brussels • Belgium

The 2022 edition of SAFE 360˚, the Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe, is approaching!

SAFE 360˚ is the one conference which strives to break down silos by examining key safety issues in Europe from a cross-domain perspective. The conference includes the complete spectrum of aviation stakeholders taken from up and down the technical and management chain.

The conference follows the Chatham House Rule, which allows its participants to talk freely without judgement. Attendees are asked not to identify and take information out of the conference without the source’s permission.

This year, SAFE 360° will be organized as an in-person event so that we can reconnect. It will be held in Brussels on 13-15 September 2022. More information on the venue, registration and agenda will be updated on this webpage.

Stay tuned via the event page, join in the discussion and be part of a European-wide collaboration of safety professionals on the EASA’s Together4Safety Air Ops Community and also on the Conversation Aviation LinkedIn Group.  Together we can collaborate to solve our safety challenges.

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