EASA Safety Week 2022

John FRANKLIN • 17 May 2022
in community Air Operations
Event date 27 Jun '22 - 29 Jun '22
Event location Webex Online

With the summer approaching, EASA has launched the Stronger, Safer, Together Campaign to encourage the Commercial Air Transport community to share and discuss its common safety challenges.  All organisations are encouraged to download the domain packages for their area of operational activity and use the material in their own preparations for the summer. 

The culmination of the Campaign is the EASA Safety Week to discuss solutions to the operational challenges at industry and domain level. Register via the EASA Event Page

For registration, Webex places are limited to 1,000 participants. Until 15 June registrations will be prioritised for organisations from the EASA Member States. There will be a Youtube option available so no one will miss out.

Safety Week


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