3rd Webinar on All Weather Operations

John FRANKLIN • 14 October 2022
in community Air Operations
Event date 24 Oct '22 13:00 - 16:00
Event location Webex
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Following publication of the latest EASA Rules to support All Weather Operations, EASA will host a 3rd webinar to support organisations with the implementation of the different aspects of these new rules.

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gianni guiducci

Good morning everyone.
I just signed up to be able to share my thoughts with you.
In March 2016 I published a manual "Handling the Circling", made up of over 400 pages where I exhibited all the rules, systems, procedures and limits for all categories of planes.
Since then I have argued that, for example, for category C the 2400 m of visibility, in my opinion, it are insufficient.
The "Draft Provisional Awo Implementation" was therefore interested in it, which tries to increase 3400 m the vis.
I brought all the parameters on graphic computer, from where I noticed that the 3400 m would be considered insufficient.
This arises from the fact that having maintained the continuation after ABM for 5 sec, you remain within 3400 m from the RWY, but the Final is 729 m to the THR and 1020 m to the TDP with a time of only 14.5 sec of flight.
I would also like to emphasize that with a 3° slope, 729 m for the THR, the plane will find itself with the wings leveled at 175 ft = 53 m in height.
It seems to me to be too low a height value and too short time to be able to, if necessary (not aligned for a possible cross wind, Bank inaccurate, etc.), adjast properly and respect the concept of Stabilized Approach.
I would like to remember that:
-FAA AIM-Fig. 5.4.22-Page 5-4-46; FAA AC-120-71 ° Appendix 2-Page 1; ICAO DOC 8168 Vol 1-Chap. 3 3.3b-Page III-4-3-1, indicate a Stabilized Approach Point of 500 ft = 152.4 m
- Flight Safety Foundation Alar Breafing Note - 7.1 Point 8, suggests 300 ft.
I hope that these indications influence to further increase to at least 4000 - 4500 m VIS, in order to contain the plane within the visibility area and be able to carry out an adequate Stabilized Approach.
Thanks for the attention.
Gianni Guiducci
Retired Senior Cpt

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