Wellbeing and Caring for our People

10 March 2022

From Monday 7th March 2022 EASA hosted Wellbeing in Aviation Awareness Week. The irony is that wellbeing is not something you can just do for a week and then move onto something else. This week is about awareness so you can learn more about the benefits of wellbeing both within your organisation and also at a personal level. 

This is the Wellbeing Resource Hub homepage - click on the different images below to find out more about the different aspects of wellbeing. 

Wellbeing Week

The Wellbeing Resource Hub contains useful information on different aspects of Wellbeing.  

  • What is Wellbeing: Introduction to Wellbeing in Aviation Awareness Week (tip: its not about just a week). You will learn more about what welbeing really is and it is not. You will also learn more about the wellbeing challenges the industry faces in the COVID-19 Ramp-up and beyond.
  • Wellbeing for Strategic Leaders: If you are leading an organisation and want to understand more about the business benefits of implementing an effective wellbeing programme, this is the article for you. You'll also find some simple ideas on what to do next. 
  • Operational Managers: As the key to success: Whatever your role in aviation, as an operational manager you have a key role in delivering safe and effective operations. How many managers have ever receiving wellbeing training, very few in reality. In this article we provide some great tips to help you support your teams in the day-to-day work. 
  • Personal Wellbeing: Its very important to look after your own wellbeing. As we say in our safety demonstrations, put on your own mask first before helpding others. In the Wellbeing Resource Hub is always full of great tips to help you with personal readiness and self-care. 
What is WellbeingStrategic LeadersOperational ManagersLooking after yourself


One of the positive things that has come from this crisis has been the way our community has come together to help and support each other. EASA Together4Safety has collaborated with T-C Alliance and a wide range of other organisations to create this Wellbeing Resource Hub to provide easy access to information to help you.

The first part of the Resource Hub is now available and is made up of two parts:

  • A comprehensive careers training package aimed at providing advice and skills to help individuals transition, once again, into gainful employment.
  • Useful information on Wellbeing to help everyone in the aviation community.

You can access this information by registering on the T-C Alliance Training Website. If you register you can then access the full package of training material on the EASA – Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness for Aviation Employees – T-C-Alliance Online Learning Academy.

There are many different initiatives here to help on the wellbeing side and we aim to create a resource hub that brings together the work from initiatives including DGAC France, the European Aviation Wellbeing Committee (EAWC), Resilient Pilot, the Royal Aeronautical Society HF Group, and the EAM-WELL initiative that involves European Society for Aviation Medicine (ESAM), European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP), European Cockpit Association (ECA), European Pilot Peer Support Initiative (EPPSI), Centre for Aviation Psychology (CAP) and Stiftung Mayday.

Click on the links below to find out more. Remember, we will get through this crisis by supporting each other and working together.