Network of Cybersecurity Analysts (NoCA)

15 February 2022

What is NoCA?

NoCA is the Network of Cyber Analysts from European National Aviation Authorities and EASA.

Who established the NoCA?

EASA and the Member States Advisory Body (MAB) agreed to establish the Network of Cybersecurity Analysts (NoCA).

When was the NoCA established?

October 2020.

Objectives of the NoCA

The objective of the NoCA is to raise awareness of the importance of information security risks in aviation and to support the Member States to analyse information security incidents that have an impact on aviation safety or could potentially affect aviation safety.

The NoCA will serve as an operational and technical platform for EASA and the Member States to share and analyse, in a secure setting, information security incidents to further improve the robustness of the aviation eco system.

NoCA Objectives

Expectations of the NoCA

NoCA IconThe NoCA is expected to increase information sharing and define appropriate actions and measures to address information security risks and prevent information security incidents. It also complements the work of the European Centre for Cyber Security in Aviation (ECCSA), which is a forum where members from industry, authorities, educational and research establishments, etc, can exchange information on information security issues, but is not intended for analysing information security incidents.

Further information on the NoCA

The NoCA is a voluntary platform not intended to replace the reporting and other requirements contained in existing or future regulations, although its work could benefit from existing reporting mechanisms and tools such as ECCAIRS/ ECCAIRS2.

Who is eligible to become a NoCA Members?

The members of the NoCA are from EASA, EU National Aviation Authorities, EU National Cybersecurity Agencies and relevant EU ministries and government bodies belonging to those States who are members of the MAB.

Furthermore, the representatives from States who are observers in the MAB are entitled to participate as observers in the NoCA.

How to become a NoCA Member?

ONLY if the eligible criteria above are met, your National Authority representative in the MAB can nominate a person to the NoCA, by sending an email to:

Where is NoCA in the EU Cyber landscape?

NoCA Lanscape
NoCA in EU Cyber landscape


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