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10 November 2021
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Are you "Always asking questions?" and if so, are they the right ones?

We start this month's Air Ops News in reverse, with inspiration from the song we add to our Together4Safety playlist. For those of you of a certain age you might remember the classic Howard Jones "Always asking questions". Whether you're a safety manager, operational staff or carry out another role in aviation, you should always be asking the right questions. If our goal is ensure safe and effective operations, keeping our risks to an acceptable level - then we can only do this by asking the right questions of ourselves and others. This is where having positive safety conversations is so important. And from Cologne, the Together4Safety team is by your side.

Before we get started, we would love to ask you some questions of our own. Please take part in the Trinity College Dublin survey on the impact of COVID-19 on aviation workers and the aviation system. This is a vital part of building an industry-wide picture on wellbeing and psychological safety.

This month we are covering the following topics in detail - or rather these are the questions your should be asking.

  • What were EASA doing posing for pictures at the EATS conference with CAE?
  • Why does our organisation always need to "Be Ready" and what does that really mean anyway?
  • How to manage the challenge of having enough skilled, trained and qualified people?
  • What can I learn at the EASA Annual Safety Conference this coming week?
  • How can my organisation benefit from the latest airport counter drone initiatives?

Less questions, just good, useful information.

  • EASA Updates on Evidence Based Training (EBT) and the Aerodromes webinar on runway safety.
  • What is Emergency Autoland and why do you need to know about it?
  • Are you ready for Winter Operations? Check out the guide fron Traficom Finland and learn more about the lessons from TSB Canada's investigation into the Fond-du-luc accident in 2017.
  • Latest Airbus Safety Promotion article on training pilots for resilience
  • What's new in the rules? And an update is made to SERA.
  • Upcoming events from EASA and our Together4Safety partners.
  • Find out what song we are adding to our Spotify Playlist.
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EASA at the European Airline Training Symposium in Berlin - with the launch of an exciting new collaboration with CAE

We have been excited to finally get out and about to a real event to meet with real people. John Franklin (on the left in the photo) from the Safety Promotion Team joined colleagues from Flight Standards at the European Airline Training Symposium (EATS) held in Berlin on November 2-3, 2021.

Bernard, Daan, Francisco and Ascanio led the EASA panel at the Pilot Conference where they talked about all the latest updates including on EBT and the new Flight Examiner Manual. John and Claudio from T-C Alliance talked about Wellbeing in the Cabin Crew Conference

Plus, EASA's Together4Safety launched a new collaboration with CAE that will see safety promotion material published on Learn about the latest from EASA on crew training in the EATS article on the Air Ops Community site.

EASA at EATSTopic Line

Turbocharge your Readiness for the rest of the Ramp-up

It has been great to see airports starting to fill up with passengers and more passengers taking to the skies. However, the situation is still very fluid and the reality is that the Ramp-up will likely continue in one way or another until the start of the summer season in 2022. Our campaign will there to support you through this journey. The more we can engage, discuss and collaborate on our common safety challenges the better.

To help you turbocharge your restart you can access all the material from the Ramp-up Campaign on the Air Ops Community. The material includes white branded powerpoint presentations for each domain including Aerodromes, Air Ops, ATM, Cabin Crew, Ground Handling and Maintenance. Just download the presentations, add your logos and you have a great way to engage with your staff on the key actions they should be taking in these challenging times.

We have also started our "Conversation Aviation" videocast/ podcast series where you can hear from industry leaders and experts about how they are dealing with the different safety challenges they face in day-to-day operations. We aim to be as practical as possible with clear take-aways from each session. You can access the summary of the first 4 week "Be Ready" cycle of Converstation Aviation at the link here. There were 3 sessions in this first cycle and you can rewatch the Videocasts via the link below.

We have now started the second cycle on "Staying Safe" and you can already access the first session on the challenges of following processes and procedures. You can also register now for the next "Stay Safe" live webinar from 1400-1500 CET on 26 November.

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How to manage the challenge of having enough skilled, trained and qualified people?

From the early stages of the pandemic it was clear that one of our biggest challenges was going to be around the topic of skills and knowledge degradation. In both Safety Issue Analysis Reports this topic has featured as one of the most critical. We continually update the material on skills and knowledge degradation on the Air Ops Community Site.

Back in July last year we published guidelines on the importance of resilient ‘air operators’ management systems in the COVID-19 recovery phase. We added to these with three practical operational scenarios. In October our colleagues in Flight Standards have added an additional scenario addressing the issue of crew skill decay.

You can use this latest scenario to help develop your own risk assessments and mitigation measures. Access it on the EASA website here.

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Looking forward to the EASA Safety Conference on 10 Nov.....

The EASA Annual Safety Conference is a key event in the safety calendar. For 2021 this year's event is organised in cooperation with the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU and also in partnership with Eurocontrol. The focus on Safety in Air Traffic Management, a key topic for now and looking to the future. The conference will include three panel discussions with high level speakers on the following topics:

  • 1st panel: ATM Safety Performance before/ during/ after Covid
  • 2nd panel: Green Single European Sky
  • 3rd panel: New technologies and transformation in ATM


The conference will take place on November 10, 2021 and registration is free. View the full agenda and register on the event webpage here.

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The latest on airport counter drone initiatives

You will all remember the drone events at Gatwick Airport that brought the topic of Counter-UAS activities to the front of everyone’s minds. In March 2021, EASA´s Counter-UAS task force published the “Drone Incident Management Manual” that was delivered to the aviation stakeholders in March 2021 ( EASA issues guidelines for management of drone incidents at airports | EASA ( ).

All aviation stakeholders should already have received a copy of this document but if not, you can get hold of it by sending an Email to Due to the security angle of the issue, the report is not public in full but can be provided to justified aviation organisation with a justified interests in Counter-UAS.

There has also recently been an important exercise that took place in Norway and that was organised by Interpol and the Norwegian police together with Oslo airport. Experts from the Norwegian police and Oslo airport previously collaborated with EASA on the manual and have a great deal of experience in this field. You can find out more about this exercise here.

From 28 to 30 September INTERPOL and the Norwegian Police carried out a three-day exercise to evaluate and test drone countermeasures in a secure airspace environment.

Held in Oslo, the real-life exercise gathered law enforcement, academia and industry experts from Europe, Israel, and the United States to test and assess 17 drone countermeasures to ensure the safety of an airport environment through the detection, tracking, and identification of drones and their pilots. These systems are emerging as essential elements in ensuring the security of airports, airspaces and protecting no-fly zones above cities, prisons, and critical infrastructure.

Each countermeasure was assessed and graded against specified criteria. The results will be consolidated to create an INTERPOL Drone Countermeasure Framework which will be available to law enforcement across INTERPOL’s 194 member countries, creating a global focal point for collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

The exercise was held at the Oslo Gardermoen Airport while the airport was in active operation. Due to the complexity of the exercise, the event required close collaboration with airport owner Avinor, the Norwegian Communications Authority, the Civil Aviation Authority and UAS Norway to ensure that all systems and tests were held to a required standard and did not affect airport operations. You can watch the video of the exercise at the link here.

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Latest EASA Events on EBT and Aerodrome Safety

Like the rest of the world, during the pandemic we discovered the benefit of hosting Webinars. This is a great way for us to reach as many of you as possible on a wide range of technical topics. In the past month there have 2 events in particular that got almost 1,000 online attendees between them. We make the recordings and presentations available online so check out the links below in case you missed them.

  • You can access the material from all 3 EBT Webinars on the special EBT page on the Air Ops Community. If you are looking for information to help implement EBT in your organisation then this is the place to look first.
  • Our colleagues Julia and Vasilieos from the Aerodromes Section hosted a Webinar on Runway Safety. This enabled them to present the changes introduced in Regulation (EU) No 139/2014, the Aerodrome Regulation, following the adoption of Regulation (EU) 2020/2148 on Runway Safety and the publication of ED Decision 2021/003/R on March 4, 2021. A great webinar and the material will be posted on the Runway Safety event page in the coming week.


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Are you ready for Winter Operations?

As we head into November, the winter is already starting in some parts of Europe. Now is the time to double check you Winter Ops readiness.This is especially important if you normally operate in sunnier parts of Europe and make very few flights to places with snow and other bad conditions.

The Finnish Authority Traficom have once again produced their Winter Ops Guide - download the guide and think about how prepared you are. With the new Global Reporting Format (GRF) in place it might also be worth taking note of the EASA page on GRF with the answers to the Q&A from the Webinar earlier in the year. You can also watch the recording back if needed as well.

The recent publication of the TSB Canada investigation report into the Fond-du-lac accident on December 13, 2007 serves as a timely reminder of the importance of managing winter risks effectively. Understand the risks you face and talk about them continually.

You can access the final report and lots of other really useful material on the TSB Website page on this accident. There is also a video summary of the event that is also available via this link.

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Airbus Safety first publishes article on pilot resilience

The fabulous people in Airbus' Safety Promotion Team are always putting out great material on their Safety First Website. Regarless of what type of aircraft you fly, you'll find lots of great material to help answer your questions and solve you safety challenges.

The team at Airbus have recently published an excellent article on the importance of resilience training for flight crew to help mitigate many of the risks that we have identifed during the pandemic. Download as a PDF or read the full article here on the Safety First Website.

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Upcoming Events from EASA and our safety partners

EASA Events - click on the links to register and find out more. All EASA Events are free.

Safety Partner Events

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The latest in the EASA Rules

Its always good not to miss any changes to the rules, so we like to keep you udpate each month. Most recently, the Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) has been updated, find out more on the EASA website here. There was also an update to the Easy Access Rules for Airborne Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CS-ACNS), Drones and Airworthiness and Environmental Certification.

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November Playlist - Always Asking Questions

The end of the News means it's playlist time, we are sure that you are all excited to see what song we chose to add every month and more importantly our bizarre reasoning behind it.

In honour of the Trinity College Survey and the general need to be inquisitive and start conversations on safety we have the epic "Always Asking Questions" by Howard Jones.

We especially chose the 12 inch version as children of the 80s but asking the right questions is always important.

Howard Jones Safety


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Dominic Waeckerlin

AWO NPA 2018-06
Is there anyone in consent to the new proposed AWO regulation (RMT.0379) Originally forseen for 4Q20, we still have the NPA 2018-06 (C) standing still. Big impact on the change to our operation. Wondering when EASA will move. Any updates appreciated.


We are meeting our colleagues in that area next week to prepare a full update on the Regulation.

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