Air Operations Together4Safety

7 July 2020

Welcome to the Together4Safety Air Ops Community Website. This is our latest news page.  It will be updated on at least a monthly basis to keep you informed about new things that are happening in the world of EASA and aviation safety.  Register for the Community so you don't miss a thing.  

Introducing Together4Safety

Together4Safety is a collaborative safety promotion initiative developed by EASA to provide you lots of useful safety resources. This particular site is for the Air Ops Community and will grow to cover not just the flight ops side but also information for Airports, Ground Handling, Maintenance and ATM where possible. There are other Community Sites for Rotorcraft and General Aviation if you stumbled on this site and wondered why it was very airline specific.  

We are here to support you with the information you need. We want to start discussions on important topics and create a collaborative safety community. If there is anything you thing we should be covering on this site drop us an email to the team on