Unplanned extra sector and max FDP

Toine Delnoij • 28 November 2023
in community Air Operations

Hi, when you fly an unplanned extra sector (deviation for example) do you need to calculate a new max FDP, or can you still use the one that you calculated a reporting time?

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Gerald Horalek

Hi Toine, this sector will form part of your max FDP. Meaning you will need to facilitate that sector in your current FDP taking into consideration the max FDP with the new sector (max FDP might change with the add. sector).

Axel Wegener

The calculated max FDP will not change and is related to the reporting time (which can not be changed when already started). It is dependent to your acclimatisation status, your checkin time and the planned No. of sectors. If you have to extent the FDP look for ORO.FTL.205 (d) and the following rules...

Tomas Drobnik

In my opinion - ORO.FTL.205 (f) should be used. Before reporting time as Mr. Wegener posted - you have MAX FDP (calculated) according to the planned schedule (nbr of sectors, state of acclimatisation etc.) When anything changes AFTER the reporting time it is considered as "Unforeseen circumstances in flight operations — commander’s discretion"...this changes MAX possible FDP as well.

Majid Akhlaghi

Considering that the main purpose of FTL requirements is to manage crew fatigue and insure flight safety, when an extra sector is added to the daily flights, it essentially creates more fatigue in the crew.
Therefor , it is necessary to reduce the maximum allowable FDP.
So in my opinion, in case of an unplanned extra sector, the maximum daily FDP should be calculated based on the number of new sectors( according to the table).
Essentially, this issue may be one of the example of extension of FDP due to unforeseen circumstances.
with regards.

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