Sunny Swift Edition 28 - Maintenance Part-ML

Michel Masson • 20 January 2021
in community Rotorcraft

The message also applies to light Rotorcraft maintenance: see page 36 of Easy Access Rules for Continuing Airworthiness (Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014) (

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The 28th issue of Sunny Swift and the first of 2021 addresses the topic of maintenance and highlights some of important things for aircraft owners to be aware of when using the rules in Part-M Light for aircraft maintenance.

Part-M Light provides aircraft owners with the possibility to declare their Aircraft Maintenance Programme (AMP). People with the competency to maintain their aircraft can declare it themselves but it is important to know the responsibility this brings with and for anyone doing so to be comfortable with that option.

There is always the other option to contract a CAMO or CAO to take care of the airworthiness of your aircraft – for many people this is likely to be a better and safer option.

It's important to make the right decision, i.e. the one most suitable for you.

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