Summer 2023 - Are you Ready, Resilient & Responsive?

Vasileios PAPAGEORGIOU • 6 June 2023
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Summer 2023 Campaign & Publication of SIB


Today the Summer Safety Information Bulletin (SIB) was published. With this SIB, EASA aims to raise awareness of the potential consequences of significant travel disruptions that have been noted during summer 2022, with a view to ensure that potential emerging safety risks are promptly detected and adequately mitigated.

Waiting in the Airport


Among the recommendations proposed in this SIB, cybersecurity concerns have been identified and are presented in the report. 

According to data collected and reviewed by the EASA Cyber Threat Intelligence Team, some interesting points include:

DDoS attacks and ransomware are currently the most common threats to the aviation industry.

Moreover, according to the report:

In Q1 2023, ransomware gangs targeted all aspects of the aviation industry and current data suggests that this trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Attack by target organisation - 2022

Airlines and airports were the most targeted parts of the aviation industry.


The SIB is linked to the Summer Safety Campaign of 2023, with the topic "No compromise on Safety". You may find more information on the SIB under a dedicated topic in the Air Operations Community as well as under the Related Content of this post.


Are you Ready, Resilient & Responsive?

This was the main theme of the dedicated session on Cybersecurity that was held on Friday, the 2nd of June, as part of the EASA Safety Week 2023. Around 250 representatives from different types of organisations attended the event and gave their feedback on how they perceive their level of readiness when it comes to countering the identified challenges from a cybersecurity prism.



You may watch the recorded session below as well as find the relevant presentation in the Safety Week 2023 - Summary topic under the Related Content.

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