Role of Information Sharing in creating a resilient system

Borja GARCIA-BLANCO CASTRO • 12 May 2022
in community Cybersecurity

Role of Information Sharing in creating a resilient system

On 10th May 2022, the European and North Atlantic office of ICAO (ICAO EUR/NAT) and EASA organised jointly a meeting of the Directors General of Civil Aviation of the region to prepare for the upcoming 41st ICAO General Assembly, by discussing the joint priorities of the States in the region, and to provide the Directors General with an high level briefing on Cybersecurity.

Among other organisations, EASA provided a presentation on the role of information sharing in creating a cyber resilient environment.


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Christoph Schnyder

Thanks for providing this presentation.
I fully agree, that voluntary information sharing contributes to cyber resilience.
Building trust among organizations and in particular between organizations and authorithies is crucial and the foundation of effective and timely information sharing. The sooner relevant information can be accessed and analyzed, the better support and awareness can be provided.
If we receive IoCs two month after an incident, it's not quite useful, other for maybe statistical purposes if at all.

BTW: What is best practie to maintain confidentiality in a collaborative information sharing network?


Dear Christoph, wrt your question and according to my real life experience, I would say: control of the constituency, with an evaluation of new perspective members from existing community members (people trust other people, beside the organisation they represent); control of the community size (the bigger the membership the higher the risk of "leaks"); last but not least, a legal binding agreement between members may help to clarify what will happen if confidentiality is breached. My two, or maybe three, cents :-)

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