Research Project on the impact of security measures on aviation safety

Vasileios Papageorgiou • 2 December 2022
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Research Project on the impact of security measures on aviation safety


The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), following a call for tender, has awarded a new contract for a research project to a consortium led by CAA International (CAAi). The consortium includes a team of aviation safety risk management and security specialists from France, APAVE Aeroservices and CASRA.

The project will have a duration of three-years and it is the first of its kind aiming to examine the impact of aviation security measures on aviation safety and vice versa, in order to ensure continued regulatory improvements to civilian air transportation. The four main tasks are expected to be delivered:

  • Task 1: Identify the interdependencies between security and safety
  • Task 2: Assessment of the impact of security measures on safety (incl. information security threats)
  • Task 3: Analysis of certification standards
  • Task 4: Integrated risk management.


According to the Technical Leader at CAA International:

“This project will give the global aviation community a full picture of the impact the two areas have on each other concerning regulation. The results will prove valuable for industry and aviation regulators, paving the way for potential safety-security regulatory improvements in the future.”

Kevin Sawyer, Senior Manager of Aviation Security at CAAi

The Technical Lead of the project further added:

“This project is a first for the systemic assessment of inter-dependencies between safety and security in aviation. To build a complete picture of these dependencies, we look forward to exchange with Aviation Stakeholders at several steps during the project and its final results will be shared with them.” 

Adam Borkowski, Aviation Security & Intelligence expert at EASA

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project-horizoneuropeThis project will be funded from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme

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Cyrille ROSAY

and a pretty good didactic page here from the industry (from 2019, but still very relevant)
There are also several research projects aiming at the detection of jamming and spoofing, impact reduction and localization of source. I do not have direct links to offer, but I would invite to crawl the sister Agency EUSPA… for a start

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