European Cybersecurity Skills Conference 2023 & Aviation

Vasileios PAPAGEORGIOU • 4 October 2023
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European Cybersecurity Skills Conference 2023 & Aviation

ENISA organised the 2nd edition of the annual European Cybersecurity Skills Conference. This year the conference organised in Segovia, Spain, focused on sharing and discussing progress linked to the promotion and endorsement of the ENISA Cybersecurity Skills Framework (ECSF). The conference also addressed ENISA’s role as part of the European Commission initiative: The Cybersecurity Skills Academy.


The conference provided an opportunity to:

  • bring the cybersecurity-skills community together, facilitating the exchange of experiences challenges and good practices, as a result of ECSF implementation 
  • discuss different ways to improve and synergize ENISA-ECSF with other related initiatives at EU and Member States’ level
  • raise awareness on the need to promote multi-stakeholder cooperation on cybersecurity skills

The Senior Expert in Cybersecurity in Aviation (EASA), Davide Martini participated as a panelist in Panel 1 with the topic of Synergies among European Initiatives.

Panel 1

The panel discussed how the different organisations represented by the panelists have used the ECSF in their domains. Representatives from training organisations and the competence centres explained that they have mapped the ECSF roles with available trainings or have developed new modules to achieve greater coverage of the roles.

Davide Martini, presented the exercise that has been made to evaluate the application of the ECSF to aviation, in particular to the job roles that are expected following the entry into force of Part-IS regulation.

ECSF Roles

The panel also discussed the mapping between the ECSF roles and the traditional ICT roles identifying a partial overlap, which means that ECSF roles can be achieved through upskilling of traditional ICT professionals. It was also emphasised that not all skills can be taught, some of them can only be acquired through experience.

Panel 1 - Panelists

The main objective for EASA was to present the aviation experience regarding the application of the ENISA Cybersecurity Skills Framework to the cybersecurity roles that stem from Part-IS.

You can find more information on the promotional video below published by ENISA:

Are you interested in the ECSF and its applicability to aviation? More content will follow in the future on the applicability of the ECSF to our domain so stay tuned! In the meantime, you may find more material on the ECSF in general in the related content below.

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