ESPN-R Together4Safety Helicopter Hoist Operator Training Guide

Michel MASSON • 4 February 2021
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Helicopters and hoist missions are life-saving. This Helicopter Hoist Operator Training Guide developed by the ESPN-R has been developed to help make them even safer!

A new document for hoist operator technical crew members

The European Safety Promotion Network Rotorcraft (ESPN-R) Hoist Safety Promotion Task Force Team is pleased to introduce a new document developed by a working group of mission specialists to provide industry guidance for Hoist Operator Technical Crew Members based on the existing regulation (EU) 965/2012.

Helicopter Hoist Operations are very challenging and bear a number of challenging risks. In order to enhance safety and efficiency, effective training of the Hoist Operator is something important to promote and stimulate within the industry. All operators involved in hoisting operations should consider this guide to support their training activities.

This is intended to support operations

When reading and hopefully later implementing what is written, remember this:
It is not meant to impose additional burdens on anyone but the task force specialists were aiming at making this mission segment safer, thus serving and protecting this industry segment.  As an increasing number of occurrences with a rising tendency has been observed during the last years the group was working with the target to define and clarify (but not limited to) Hoist Operator prerequisites, training, checking and assignment into duties.

By promoting advanced, improved and accurate sets of skills for the Hoist Operator Technical Crew Member it will certainly improve safety and efficiency in Helicopter Hoist Operations.

The ESPN-R team wishes you safe operations and hope you learn a lot from the contents of the guide.


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