ECSCG – The C-RDP & Cybersecurity Standards for Aviation

Vasileios PAPAGEORGIOU • 22 November 2023
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ECSCG – The C-RDP & Cybersecurity Standards for Aviation

The European Cyber security for aviation Standards Coordination Group (ECSCG) is a joint coordination and advisory group established to coordinate the cyber security of aviation related standardisation activities across Europe. Its purpose is to ensure that the necessary and appropriate standards are available in due time. The ECSCG also acts as a bridge for similar developments outside the region.



ECSCG gathers experts from the European regulators (European Commission and EASA) as well as European organisations active in cyber security and international Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs) in order to streamline standards developing activities in Europe and to limit overlaps between them.

The main deliverable of the ECSCG is the European Cyber security for aviation Standardisation Rolling Development Plan (C-RDP). The C-RDP lists and categorise standardisation and regulatory activities.


      Does this image feels like a visit to the opthalmologist? Worry not, this is just for       demonstration purposes..You may find the list here or in the related content below         (Hint: Right clicking on the image and opening it in a new tab might help as well..)

Interested to know more about the applicable standards per each specific domain and category?

You can download the latest C-RDP and find more information about the ECSCG and its activities in the links provided below!

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