Easy Access for ICAO Annex9

Mohammad Ghashghaei • 18 October 2023
in community Air Operations
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I wonder EASA would publish a new "Easy Access" for ICAO Annex 9?? As you know, proper and expedient air transportation totaly depends on airport infrastructures and facilities so, I believe that EASA should have publish such document and establish requirements.

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Goncalo Oliveira

Hi Mohammad, I'm not sure I understood your comment; The Easy Access Rules basically put together the material published by 2 different entities; The European Commission and EASA. Without the Easy Access Rules, we would need to check the requirements in one document published by the European Commission and then check the Alternates Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) in a document published by EASA. With ICAO Doc. 9 you don’t have that, There is only one entity/organisation and it is all in one place… I might be missing something…

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